This is where we teach students skills they need to transform themselves, others, and our global communities.

A place to learn and grow together

We, at BFIT School offer supportive and inspirational environments for young inquiring minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.

Our Vision at BFIT is to provide an exemplary education in an orderly, nurturing, honest, and respectful environment. BFIT will cultivate an active learning environment that fosters exploration, excitement, and excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts through shared leadership between parents, students, and school staff in order to prepare young leaders. Our students are strategically prepared for college and careers through rigorous instructions and advanced financial and technological literacies.

Dudrige Brenord


A small high school learning community that focuses on finance & information technology


An education is the investment with the greatest return. Benjamin Franklin

Curriculum Overview

The BFIT School aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the best social and cultural life.


Hands-on experience with the latest programming languages and technology.


Giving wings to the artists who’d like to take it up as a career or just a hobby.


Our students are passionate about sports and athletics and have the freedom to choose the one they like and wish to take up.


The study that encourages scientific reasoning, discoveries and inventions.


Understanding the game of numbers and logic to solve real-world problems.


Learning more modes of communication from different parts of the world.