Dear Benjamin Franklin High School for Finance and Information Technology family,  

We hope this correspondence finds you and your loved ones well. We are writing to share some information regarding our detention system. As you know, we implemented a new detention system. Students who receive demerits for uniform and or cell phone infractions will be required to serve detention that very day. We hope that this will deter students from coming to school out of uniform or violating the cellphone policy as they will have to face the consequences immediately. Students who do not bring in their yondr pouch will have to serve detention. If they refuse to serve detention or continue to not bring in their yondr pouch, a parental conference will be mandatory. Additionally, lost or damaged pouches will result in a $25 replacement fee.

For scholars who finish school early, they will be asked to serve detention at the end of their school day. For scholars with transportation conflicts, accommodations will be made. Please remember, BFIT is a uniform school and scholars were provided several uniform items free of charge. If any additional items are required, they may be purchased online at  or you can find your nearest Ideal retail store. Please call ahead before making the trip to the store. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.  


BFIT Administrators