Bfit High School Dress Code

The Benjamin Franklin High School for Finance & Information Technology Faculty and staff strictly enforce the dress code. Warnings are not issued because the expectations for dress code compliance are clearly spelled out. Dress code violations will result in immediate contact of parent/guardian and/or demerits.

1. Shirts

Students must wear school shirts each day. Shirts are GRAY with school logo.

Long-sleeved T-shirts can be worn under short sleeved school shirt ONLY if they are white, black, dark blue or grey. Students may only wear school sweaters or sweatshirts with the school seal over their school shirts.

Hoodies MAY NOT be worn under school shirts. Coats, non-school seal sweatshirts, or any other outerwear are not to be worn in the classroom. All outerwear must be placed in student lockers.

2. Pants, shorts, skirts

Boys must wear uniform pants or shorts (Dickies, Dockers or other approved uniform) Girls must wear uniform pants, shorts, or skirts. Absolutely NO JEANS or cargo pants may be worn- even if they are black.

All pants, shorts and skirts must be black in color.

Pants or shorts must not be too baggy or too tight.

Skirts must be just above the knee (no more than 2”) and no slit may come too high.

3. Shoes

COMPLETELY Black shoes, sneakers or boots are required. Shoelaces must be matching black.

Dress shoes are acceptable if they cover more than half of the foot and don’t have more than a 3″ heel (as measured from the back)

Flip-flops, stilettos, stacks, platform shoes are not permitted.

Dress boots may be worn in winter.

Shoes must be laced up, with tongue inside, and tied securely. Pant legs must be worn over the shoe.

4. Gym Uniforms

Students must wear BFIT High School gym uniforms. Students may not cut off or alter the gym shirts in any way.

Students must wear gym shoes for gym but must change into ALL BLACK shoes before leaving the gym.

5. Head Coverings

No hats or other head coverings are permitted, unless they are worn for religious reasons, including scarves, headbands, and bandanas.

6. Distractive Clothing

 Any clothing or jewelry that is determined by a teacher or staff member to be distractive to the learning process is not permitted.